The work of Romanian digital creative Tudor Prisăcariu


I specialise in designing and developing digital products for clients and studios from around the world.

With over seven years of experience, I combine a design aesthetic centred around minimalism, typography & colour with the latest technologies to produce work that is both refined and effective.



Graphic design, Identity, Web design & development, UI & UX design


HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, SQL, WordPress, iOS, Web apps


Born and raised in Bucharest, in 2003 I moved to London to study and ended up staying for nine years.

I worked for over two years at interactive design studio Sennep, where I was part of the team that created OLO, an award winning iOS game.

I moved back to Bucharest in 2012 and started working independently. Verde was established in September 2013.


Verde means “green” in Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. The name came as a natural progression, as I was already using green extensively both as part of my online identity and in my day to day life.


Offline, I have been a documentary photographer for over 10 years, having exhibited my work throughout Europe.

Take a look at my latest work or check out my mobile photography blog.